We all know, an Entertaining Soccer Game presented today bring lots of business opportunity to everyone involved. This can be justified from the World Cup, English Premier League and many other Leagues through out the world.

“A record breaking transfer fees………….. ”
“RED card!!!”

If we look from the angle of Business Opportunity, a successful soccer team mean a successful company.

What do a team sell? Entertaining and Winning Soccer Games.
Who are the Customer? Royal Fans 🙂

The Golden Rule of Demand and Supply still apply in the Soccer Games whether you like it or not.
An entertaining yet winning games lead you to secure thousand or million of royal and faithful supporters, and here come your business :).

Striker that can score = Sales & Marketing Team that can bring in Sales.

Midfield = R&D, Production & Support Team that can always come out with news products and services for the market.

Defender & Gol Keeper that blocking enemy attack mean Office Admin, HR, Finance & Accounts that support at the back office in term of timely report, net cashflow from collection & payment, data analysis and etc…

Captain, the key man in the battle field, so do our General Manager, bring the whole office team to work for the best.

Coach equal to Board of Directors that can always give their valuable advice on the company operation.